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Air Freshner(300-400ml),Insecticides(300-400ml)

Dia 52mm x Height 105 - 300mm


Dia 57mm x Height 124 - 257mm


Dia 65mm x Height 99 - 300mm

Oil & Lubricant cans

Round Oil Can(1 Ltr)

Dia 99.6mm x Height 148mm

Round Grease Can(1kg),Round Oil Can(1 Ltr)

Dia 108mm x Height 132-142mm

Round Oil Can(4 Ltr)

Dia 165m x Height 209mm

Rectangular Oil Can(3-4 Ltr)

165mm x 102mm x Height 209.5 - 306.5mm

Rectangular Oil Can(5 Ltr)

175mm x 118mm x Height 266mm

Conical Grease Pail(10,12,14,16,18,20,22,25 Ltr)

Dia 270mm/Dia 296mm x Height 236 - 451mm

Closed Oil Drum(10-22 Ltr)

Dia 270mm/Dia 285mm x Height 310 - 370mm


Lug-lid for Paits Cans

Lug-lids for 20L Pails

Bottoms for Paints Cans

Bottoms for 20L Pails

Lids for Paints Cans

Dia 83mm,Dia 108mm,Dia 165mm & Dia 175mm Lids

Rings for Paints Cans

Dia 83mm,Dia 108mm,Dia 165mm & Dia 175mm Rings

Bottoms for Paints Cans / Gallons

Dia 83mm,Dia 108mm,Dia 165mm & Dia 175mm Bottoms

Ends For Foods Cans

Dia 52mm,Dia 63mm,Dia 73mm,Dia 99mm & Dia 153mm Ends

Components of Cans & Gallons

for D52 mm , D57 mm and D 65 mm

Paints & Chemicals

Round Paint Can(250 ml)

Dia 83mm x Height 86mm

Round Adhesives Can(500 gm)

Dia 99mm x Height 117mm

Round Paint Can(500-750 ml,1 Ltr)

Dia 108mm x Height 42 - 200mm

Round Putty Can

Dia 153mm x Height 79mm

Round Paint Can(250 ml,500 ml,1US Gallon,5 Ltr)

Dia 165mm x Height 66 - 246mm

Round Paint Can(500 ml,1US Gallon,5 Ltr)

Dia 175mm x Height 168 - 237mm

Rectangular Thinner Can(500 ml,1 Ltr)

113mm x 61mm x Height 168 - 190.5mm

Rectangular Thinner Can(3 Ltr,4 Ltr,5 Ltr)

165mm x 102mm x Height 190.5 - 306.5mm

Rectangular Thinner Can(5 Ltr)

175mm x 118mm Height 266mm

Conical Paint Drum(10 Ltr,12 Ltr,14 Ltr,16 Ltr,18

Dia 270mm/Dia296mm x Height 236 - 436mm

Closed Thinner Drum(10 Ltr,12 Ltr,14 Ltr,16 Ltr,18

Dia 270mm/Dia285mm Height 310 - 402mm

Conical Thinner Drum(Italian Drum 17-20 Ltr)

Dia 307mm/Dia297mm x Height 303mm

Tinplate sheets


Various Gauges/Sizes/Temper/Tin-Coatings

Food Cans

Juice Can with Aluminium Easy Open End 190ml-250ml

Dia 50/52mm x Height 95-132mm

Cheese(56gm),Juice(250ml),Tomato Paste(70gm-140gm)

Dia 52mm x Height 34-132mm

Evaporated Milk Can(180gm)

Dia 63mm x Height 62.5mm

Cream(200gm),Tomatos Past(400gm),Beans(400gm),Foul

Dia 70/73mm x Height 51.5-109mm

Cheese(113gm),Tomatos Past(400gm),Hommos(400gm),Ba

Dia 73mm x Height 34-116mm

Cheese Can(200gm)

Dia 83mm x Height 45mm

Tomatos Past(400gm),Baking Powder(500gm),Beans(400

Dia 99mm x Height 61- 170mm

Cocoa Can With Slip Cover(230gm),Shwfan Can with P

Dia 99.6 x Height 115 - 145mm

Milk Powder(900gm)

Dia 127mm X Height 164mm


Dia 139mm x 63mm

Powdered Drink(1800gm),Olives(3-5kg),Tomato Paste(

Dia 153mm x Height 151 - 241mm


Dia 165mm x Height 58 - 225mm


Dia 189mm x 45 - 90mm


Dia 212mm x 61 - 257mm


Dia 232mm x 75mm


Dia 264mm x 68.5 - 90mm

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